The Lakes

Las Lagunas


The Lakes/Las Lagunas


Entrance Fee  =  $5 per person


(~ The entrance fee allows you to pass through the private road by foot.)




Las Lagunas is a lake and wetland system located on the Janson Coffee Farm.

The area is known as the highest natural lake and wetland system in Panama.

This Private Nature Reserve is home to many beautiful birds, the lakes are a must see for birders the world over. Fiery billed Aracaris, Blue Crowned Motmots, Spinetails, Jacanas, and many types of hawks and waterbirds can be seen along with countless other species.

The lakes are a protected area which ensures that future generations will enjoy its bio-diversity.

Please come and see this precious habitat on your own or enjoy one of the many tour offered by Lagunas Adventures on the farm.


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