Tasting Options


The VIP Tasting  includes our 3 finest coffees & tea;

                                               Janson Family Coffee, Janson Geisha, &

                                                                       Janson Geisha Natural, & our Coffee Cherry Tea.

This VIP Experience is exclusive to our coffee shop. Our service unmatched.


VIP Tasting = $12 per person


Coffee tastings can always be designed for each client specially.

Tasting options generally depend on groups size and specific client wants and needs.

Large groups can be easily accommodated with prior preparation.




Tasting Menu


Group Tastings :brn smooth trans


(Prices Per Person)

(4 person Minimum)


$2  = Janson Family Coffee ~ “Self Serve”


$5  = Janson Family Coffee ~

                                  “Presentation of Preparation, Tasting & Service”


$7  = Janson Geisha ~ “Presentation of Preparation, Tasting, & Service”




VIP Tasting


CuppingWant to learn and taste the differences in Janson Coffee Farms Specialty Arabica Coffees?

Experience the differences in the aromas and flavors of our coffees; Janson Family Coffee, Janson Geisha, Janson Geisha Natural, & our Coffee Cherry Tea.

This addition really adds an educated perspective to exotic coffees.




Tours that include Tastings




The Highlands Exclusive :


3.5 Hour Tour        $65


The Highlands Exclusive Tour presents to you the in-depth story of our fine Specialty Arabica Coffees.

This tour includes a professional tasting to give you an intimate view into The Janson’s Gourmet Coffees.

The tasting presents;

Janson Geisha, Janson Family Coffee, and Janson DelFino.

The tour includes our Specialty Coffee Gift Sampler, The Trilogy.

Join us for a complete coffee journey!




Geisha V.I.P. & Tasting :


2.5 Hour Tour           $35


“The Story of Geisha Coffee”


Visit the Janson Coffee Farm and learn about the Geisha variety of arabica coffee. Geisha is recognized as one of the best coffees in the world. We are proud to grow this rare variety on our farm. On this tour learn how we grow, process, and roast Geisha. We take you on a complete Estate tour. Take in the global story of Geisha and the role that it has played in putting Panama on the map as a leader in Premium Arabica Coffees. Enjoy a tasting at the end of your journey.

Janson Coffee Farm

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