Coffee Tours

Janson Coffee Farm

Janson Coffee Farm

Coffee Tour Options :

(prices per person)


1 hr,   Processing & Roasting,   $10
1.5 hr,   + Plant Nursery,   $15
2 hr,   + Coffee Estate,   $25
2.5 hr,   Geisha V.I.P,   $35 (w/ tasting)
3.5hr,   The Highlands Exclusive,   $65 (w/ tasting)
  ‘The’ Tasting,   $12

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1 Hour Coffee Tour :


We take pride in producing our coffee’s; Janson Del Fino, Janson Family Coffee, and the world renowned Geisha.

This coffee tour shows how our coffee is grown at the perfect altitude in rich volcanic soil and processed by utilizing the best that tradition and technology have to offer.

The Farm has excellent views of the surrounding valley and Volcan Baru.

On this coffee tour we take you on a journey of processing, roasting, and packaging of our world class coffee.

Come learn the intimate story of the coffee bean on our farm! Join us for a coffee tour……



1.5 Hour Coffee Tour :


This is the above tour description with an additional walk through the extensive plant nursery. Taking a walk through the nursery really adds to the experience of understanding how dynamic growing coffee can be. Learn more about the planting and harvesting techniques.  The nursery is beautiful and hosts much more than coffee trees.


Janson Family Coffee Tour

2 Hour Coffee Tour :


After visiting the processing and roasting facilities our 2 hour coffee tour will take you to the nursery and then you will ride through the coffee fields. This coffee tour will show you what it takes to produce excellent coffee. Volcanic soil, high altitude and a distinct micro-climate combine together to give this estate coffee a refined flavor. This is an exclusive coffee tour through our families private coffee estate.

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 Geisha V.I.P. & Tasting :


2.5 Hour Tour



“The Story of Geisha Coffee”


Learn about the “Geisha” variety of arabica coffee. Chiriqui Panamanian Geisha is recognized as one of the best coffees in the world.

On this tour learn how our Award Winning Geisha is grown, processed, and roasted.

We take you on a complete ‘Geisha Estate’ tour.

Take in the global story of Geisha and the role that it has played in putting Panama on the map as the leader of Geisha production.

Enjoy a private Geisha tasting at the end of your journey.


Panama Coffee Tours, The Janson Family Coffee Farm









The Highlands Exclusive :


(w/ tasting)


3.5 Hour Tour


The Highlands Exclusive Tour presents to you the in-depth story of how we produce our gourmet Arabica Coffees. It combines the best of all of our tours exploring the Estate.

This tour includes a ‘Specialty Tasting’ to give you an intimate view into The Farms gourmet coffees.
The tasting presents;

Janson Geisha, Janson Family Coffee, and Janson DelFino.

The tour includes our Specialty Coffee Gift Sampler, a collection of the Estates premium coffees including our award winning Geisha Coffee.


Join us for a complete coffee journey!






‘The’ Tasting :


Want to learn and taste the differences in our Janson Specialty Arabica Coffees?

Experience a professional coffee tasting and understand the differences in aromas and flavors in our coffees;

            Janson Geisha, Janson Geisha Natural, Janson Family Coffee,

                                                                                                            & our Coffee Cherry Tea.

This addition really adds an educated perspective.


Janson Family Coffee Tour

Janson Family Coffee TourJanson Coffee Farm








Janson Family Coffee Tour

Janson Family Beans

All tours are catered to the clients interests, needs, and abilities.

The tours generally include walking. However, transportation can be provided.



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