“Bird Count”


Bird Count:

Lagunas Visita

These are the birds that we have personally sighted on the Janson Farm.


“Come see for yourself!”


Birding List :


Blue Throated Toucanet

Fiery Billed Aracary

Blue Crowned Motmot

Green Kingfisher

Belted Kingfisher

Ringed Kingfisher

Great Egret

Cattle Egret

Snowy Egret

Great Blue Heron

Little Blue Heron

Green Heron

Southern Lapwing

Purple Galinule

American Coot

Least Greeb

Black Vulture

Great Tailed Grackle

Tropical Kingbird

Great Kiskadee

Social Flycatcher

Streaked Flycatcher

Forked Tailed Flycatcher

Rudy Ground Dove

Tropical Mockingbird

Blue Gray Tanager

Cherries Tanager

Silver Throated Tanager

Palm Tanager

Golden Hooded Tanager

Bay Headed Tanager

Flame Colored Tananger

White Winged Tananger

Mountain Trush

Sooty Trush

Northern Waterthrush

Red Legged Honeycreeper

Baltimore Oriole

Rufus Collard Sparrow

Black Stripped Sparrow


Black Phoebe

Blue Headed Parrott

Laughing Falcon

Roadside Hawk

Yellow Headed Caracara

Crested Guan

Grey Headed Chachalaca

Grey Necked Woodrail

Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Rufus Tailed Hummingbird

Snowy Bellied Hummingbird

Violet Saberwing

Stripped Throated Hermit

Variable Seedeater

Blue White Swallow

Elegant Euphonia

Yellow Capped Euphonia

American Redstart

Red Crowned Woodpeker

Northern Parula

Eastern Medowlark

Lesser Elania

Speckled Pigeon

White Banded Pigeon

Blue Dacnis

Grey Headed Oropendola

Yellow Faced Grasquit

Northern Jacana

House Wren

Red Breasted Spinetail

Buff Throated Saltator

Black Chested Jay

Brown Jay

Yellow Bellied Siskin

Barn Owl

Wood Pee Wee

Scarlet Thighed Dacnis

Collared Trogon

Chestnut-capped Brush Finch


Lake backside