Meet Your Hosts

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Leif & Emily Janson run tourism activities on the Janson Coffee Farm. They run the Coffee Shop, and facilitate the farms online store for ordering coffee,

Leif Janson was born in David, Panama. He is a graduate of Flagler College in Florida.  He received degrees in Latin-American History and Spanish and has minors in Anthropology and History. Leif has traveled to many destinations around the world and has explored Panama. Today, Leif represents the third generation to call Janson Coffee Farm home. Leif has a passion for adventure and nature.


Emily Janson was born in Virginia, USA. She went to Prescott College in Arizona where she received degrees in Therapeutic Use of the Wilderness and  Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Environmental Education. Emily has been in the eco-tourism industry for over twenty-five years. Emily is a massage practitioner and yoga instructor. She has made a name for herself in the industry through uniting Therapeutic use of the Wilderness and Wellness Practices.

Leif and Emily Janson live on the family farm. They share a love for an adventurous lifestyle. As it turns out they both have extensive backgrounds in the high~end service industry which shows in their coffee & tea presentations. Together they are committed to client care and having a good time!





Carl Janson, a Swedish pioneer of the Chiriqui Highlands, purchased the property in the mid 1940′s after falling in love with Volcan and the surrounding valley. An avid cattleman, Mr. Janson was the first person to introduce the Angus cattle breed to Panama. Carl was married to Margaret “Peggy” Calhoun and together they raised a family of ten children who all spent their summers enjoying the farm. Today four of Carl’s sons run the farm: Calle, Michael, Ricky and Peter. Calle is in charge of Janson Coffee Farms overall operations and Michael runs the agricultural part of the coffee operations. Ricky and Peter help in the overall management. The coffee is sold internationally and is well known for its excellence. Michael has kept his father’s legacy going, raising red and black Angus cattle and breeding some of Panama’s most beautiful horses. Leif, one of Carl’s grandsons, runs  tourism on the farm, the coffee shop, & the online sales website.

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